I think being a shop owner is the job I was meant to do, as cheesy as that sounds. I am a very extroverted person who enjoys meeting new people and forming connections and this is exactly what I get to do, every single day. 

The idea of September began while I was on a trip back to the east coast to visit my parents. I had been struggling with finding a career path that made me happy, but that also allowed me to be creative. I remember leaning over to Jordan (my partner) while we were on the plane and saying, “wouldn’t it be cool if we opened a shop?” Immediately, Jordan agreed. Without his support, this shop never would have come to fruition. Jordan and I worked hard to find the perfect location to make this dream of a project come true. We lucked out and ended up signing a lease on a storefront that gets the most beautiful afternoon sunshine in Ballard, our favorite Seattle neighborhood. Within 6 months from the conception of the shop, we were opening our doors to the public. 

Over the years, the shop has grown and become even more true to the vision we had from the very beginning. My first priority in owning a small business was to make sure that everyone who comes through our doors feels welcome. I wanted to make sure that our shop would be the place our customers could find the perfect outfit for any occasion, a special gift for a friend, and something to make their home more complete. We focus on brands and makers whose values align with our own. Carrying products that have been made sustainably, by companies who give back to organizations that are doing GOOD things in the world, are the products we choose to curate our shop with. I named the shop September because it has always been my favorite month. I’m originally from Upstate NY and this time of year has a very similar feeling whether you’re in New York or Seattle and the familiarity of that feeling is very comforting to me. September marks the point where summer is coming to a close, and Fall is just starting. The change in seasons means you still have days to wear cute warm-weather outfits, but you also have the opportunity to sprinkle in a cozy sweater here and there. September is the month that we first opened our doors, and therefore it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

I hope that you come visit us soon and I hope that if you ever have any feedback or questions for us, you never hesitate to give us a call, send us an email, or stop by to chat. I’m always down for a good conversation with a new friend.

x Gillian and the September team